Details and Proposal Form

Have an idea for a performance, interactive exhibit, class or other art-based experience? Want some feedback and a free one-hour consultation on how you might proceed with support and funding, etc.? This track is for you.  You do not need to be an ACW Member to submit a project proposal.

If you need help completing this proposal…. Just ASK!

— Background —

Art to Change the World is based on intersection, collaboration, and reaching beyond comfort zones. Much of what we do and will be excited about will not fit in the standard descriptions of art and art venues.

Art to Change the World (ACW) offers the collected connections in social practice art, of the founder, core volunteers and a growing group of members (about 150). As the organization grows, that network will grow. ACW also has a competent and robust communications structure that is available to our partners (monthly e-newsletter, listing on our ACW events page and calendar, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media presence) and we have successfully engaged with radio and newspapers.

ACW supports individual projects focused on social justice and environmental themes. We are also looking for small-to-medium scale events and exhibits that can fill a calendar of approximately four productions per year worthy of mass media attention. After about a year of planning ACW burst onto the scene with the hugely successful multi-faceted   “See. Say. Do.” in October 2018 and Holiday Light, Holiday Dark November 2019 elements of which may be repeated in the future. For now we are looking for smaller projects that contribute to a sustainable infrastructure.

ACW is particularly interested in work that brings in non-artists to experience what art can do for their fields of practice. For example, teachers in all fields, scientists, statisticians, social workers, doctors.  In your explanation of what you would like to do, it will be helpful to know what non-art worlds you connect with. ACW celebrates bridge building!

We are not a grant-maker. We believe true partnerships are not about “let’s you give me money” but an exchange of valuables of all kinds. In helping others, ACW expects to multiply the organization’s reach and credibility through mutual successes.   ACW can provide fiscal agency in some circumstances, for a fee — ask for details.

Upon completing the following application, your lead applicant or a small group will receive a free one hour consultation with feedback on your or your organization’s idea. If after that session (with an individual or group from ACW) it is decided by both parties that there is a match, you’ll be asked to become an ACW member at any level to proceed with your plan.  Info at:

ACW will help you identify funding sources and if you would like mentoring service, help with identifying private supporters in your world or help with identifying possible grants,  this may be arranged for a fee. We can suggest modifications and edits to the grant you write. (Scholarships may be available.) You do not need to use the mentoring service.  ACW can simply act as your fiscal agent for the standard 10% administration fee.

Process: ACW director receives and reviews the forms. Some are selected or rejected directly, possibly after an interview with the director. Others receive consideration by a panel to help generate ideas, leads, referrals and ultimately make recommendations as to a status with the ACW group.  You will receive an initial reply in one-two weeks. If your proposal is accepted, you will need to join ACW at any level to proceed to the next step and receive ACW member benefits.


                                        Project Proposal Form
Please limit your (electronic) form to two pages (this one for answering these questions, plus one for the project description).  
Plus resume or CV attachment.


Name of Individual ___________________________________________________________________


Name of Organization, if any___________________________________________________________


Are you a 501-c-3? ______         Will you be needing a fiscal agent? ________

List contact information if not on your CV/resume attached:


URLS/handles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social media:


On ______ Do you make your living through your art?  ________


If not, what is your occupation or areas of expertise?


Do you have Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or other email push notification set up?
If not, do you send bulk emails? About how many names are on your list?


Do you have a postal mailing list? (about how many names) _________________


Have you been interviewed by media, podcasts, etc. and would you consider yourself an effective communicator with media? ___________________________________



How did you find out about ACW?



Do you engage children or youth in your practice, and how?



Have you run a business? _________  Have you run a non-profit organization? _____


List organizations that you are active in, boards, memberships, etc.

List other skills or information important to know about your world.
Project Description (limit to one page including all answers to the questions below)

Who will you serve?


Describe the significance of your project:


What will you do?


What will the participants do?


How will you evaluate your success?


Simple projected budget (include stipends, supplies, travel).  A list will do.




Timeline: What is the ideal time-frame for your project (start date – end date) or if flexible, x number of months/years/ongoing.  Do you have other pieces in play which make it necessary to have an answer from ACW by a certain date?


Send all submissions to