December 20, 2022

ACW Task Force Meeting

 Barbara
 Kelly
 Natalie
 Becca
 Katie
 Lucy
 Layl
 Deb
 Owen
 Susan
 Apollo
 Frances
 Briauna
 Rose
 Collin
 Alkemy
Rose got a new connection to the autism society
Briauna has been in contact with the Global Market and working with Lucy
Frances will be solidifying plan for venue in January
Two main plans
 Website revamp
 Project Manager program
Frances has been approved as the PR person
Becca wants to be on the Project Manager program committee
Deb wants to be on the website revamp committee
Enjoy your January! – No important ACW plans happening
Many expansion ideas for the water project

Frances will be taking over managing the Fox Den
 Mentor by Katie
 Planning meeting with Mike, Lucy, and Katie
 Ideas
o ACW t-shirts
o QR codes
o Leave art and posters there
o Having someone downstairs to direct people

Owen’s proposal (Approved!)
 What is the age range? – ACW is liable if they are under 18
 Ongoing project
 Revamp budget so people get paid more
 If you don’t want people on their phones, then maybe no QR codes
 Brainstorm location ideas
o Contact Layl for some connections

Next meeting February 1 st