Dec 2,  2020   Agenda, Director’s Report, Minutes Directors Meeting

Dec 2,  2020   Agenda, Director’s Report, Minutes Directors Meeting

Action Items
1. Many Thanks went out to Craig Harris who served as  a Founding Board Member of ACW.  He remains on the Advisory Board.

2. New ACW Board members were submitted for review and vote.
Laura Mann-Hill.  Layl McDill made the motion and Margo Ashmore seconded. The vote was unanimous to approve with no audible dissent.
Bianca Dawkins Layl McDill made the motion and Craig Harris seconded. The vote was unanimous to approve with no audible dissent.

3.Layl agreed to work on re-upping membership for 2021.  Going out next week.

4.Barbara Agreed to work on 5 year plan. Ongoing.

5. Barbara agreed to pursue grant support through the winder. Ongoing.

6.  Layl McDill, ACW Board Chair, took an electronic vote to start a $250 a month salary for the Executive Director. Currently Barbara Bridges.  Approved by unanimous consent.


Director’s Report  Dec 2, 2020

Show P and L Grid
GiveMN made  $1500

Social Media Coordinator  – Understand Instagram and Face Book. Engagements up over 3,000.%. 26 new and re-up members.  Creation of Task Force. Real Contribution was Branding  and Diverse/Articulate Perspective. Will stay with us on contract work. Develop YouTube Channel. Edit and co-sign grant proposals.  Attend Pitch Meetings. And task Force Meetings Free.

Lynette Black will serve as Newsletter Coordinator ($150 a month)
Candy Kuehn will serve as Social Media Coordinator ($100 a month)
Christian Kuffner -Update Theme and install member re-up software $2,000.00

½ Good Bye to Craig.
Two New Board Members  VOTE

Events Past
Dodging Bullets
AM950 Radio Spots and commercials :Layl

Events Future
People come to ACW with Project Ideas.  They are the Project Managers
Ex. Watch Events

THREE ACW Projects for 2021

Show SWAP  Relational not Transactional.  32  Works Adopted  $800 from Youthprise to buy art

Show Coaching Project    –  Name? Ideas
Science Plus Art     SPA
Art Plus Science     APS
Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation  ?   Jan 12

Show Multiplex Project  
Arts District Pallet: Where Neighbors and Artists Mix    ADP

From Margo Ashmore to Everyone:  06:58 PM

Northeaster should be one word, and I think Pallet should be Pallete

actually Palette

From Margo Ashmore to Everyone:  07:31 PM

Christia Marino

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, which is in Northeast, I think would be a good place to plant that intersection of art & science thing. They used to have art exhibits before COVID – the Coral Reef project and something about roots & rivers.

Maybe talk with Krista Marino at Edison – she’s on the NEMAA board

Applying for many grants. Example:
MAB  $15,000.00  Dec 4

Project Managers $4,000.00
Social Media Coordinator $4,000.00
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator $1,000.00
Automatic user re-up software installed. $1,000.00
Dream Host Web services $250.00 Zoom Account Upgrade for Multiple Hosts- will expand potential for multiple projects. 10 hosts. $2,000
Accountant $1,000.00
Promotion and Marketing $1600


Show 3 year Plan
Show 5 year plan Xcel Grid


What is ACW’s biggest asset?
DO Biggest asset is Barbara .  Your intelligence, experience, commitment
MA  Barbara and Layl.
LM ACW’s biggest asset is Barbara and her skills to bring in a diverse group of people.  Thanks to Barbara’s skills in getting members and including them in projects we have a broad range of other skills to pull from.
CH Barbara Bridges – Barbara has the vision, the commitment and the dedication needed to advance the organization
LF  The team, the team’s experience, passion, vision and connections.
HM  Barbara’s leadership along with involvement from other board and org. members to execute successful program


What is the current real problem/challenge for ACW?
DO Clarity of mission, needed to expand/build the base of resource.
MA Finding the right scale for each program we initiate, and growing the leaders of disparate programs.
LM Current problem: we need a regular sustainable stream of income. We don’t have a strong membership database program that gets members to renew by reminding them.
CH Insufficient resources and support personnel to pursue the programming vision
LF  Realistically I think covid is everyone’s challenge right now and I think you all did amazing in person work/shows which is all being challenged right now. Though your Instagram has been great!
HM  How does org. move forward after COVID-19?

What is our solution?
DO Sharper focus maybe?  Shaper focus might help build strategic collaborations—seeing ACW as a force multiplier.
MA Keep flailing around until something sticks. Several somethings.
LM We need a regular sustainable stream of income. We don’t have a strong membership database program that gets members to renew by reminding them.
CH  Develop a clear multi-year strategic plan that outlines local, regional, national and international objectives and projects.
LF I think Instagram was a great start. We can do more.
HM  Strategic planning and willingness to try options and adopt if necessary.

How are we going to implement it?
DO Discus need to  focus, clarify, set timeline for it.
MA Only time will tell.
LM Updating our website and getting an automated system. Educate members as to what their membership fees go to. Continue to personally invite members to be more involved.
CH Several more Board and Advisory Board members committed to taking on specific aspects of the plan.  Individual fund benefactors until able to attract institutional funding
LF That’s not something I can answer.
HM  Organization must be willing to propose and accept plan(s) to move forward with the understanding that plans can be modified based on evaluation and feedback.



Board Meeting Art To Change The World Inc.

Time: December 2, 2020  6:00 PM– 8:00  PM  Central Time (US and Canada)



Patricia Rogers
Margo Ashmore
Wenwen Liao
Liza  Ferrari
Craig Harris
Mohamed Bulhan
Layl McDill
Sally Gibson
David O’Fallon
1 Year Term Ends  2021
1 Year Term Ends   2021
1 year term ends 2021
2 Year Term Ends   2021
3 Year  Term Ends  2020
1 year term ends 2021
3 Year Term Ends   2022
3 Year Term ends    2022
2 year term ends 2022

Mission: Art to Change the World (ACW)  is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change.

Please pre-review Sept 4, 2020 Minutes


6:00 Welcome and Read the Mission Statement.
6:15 Review Board Terms/ Discuss Conflict of Interest/Ethics/Code of Conduct/New Board Members/Retiring Members
Vote on Board Secretary
6:30 Treasurer’s Report
6:40 Director’s Report
7:00 Discuss 3 Year Strategic Plan
7:45 New Business
8:00 Set date for next meeting in April 2021.  End Meeting.