Covid message from Barbara Bridges

Hoax or Crises? To Mask or Not to Mask- That is the Question.

Earn $100 by re-purposing a paper toilet roll for the ACW TP Challenge and win free fabric masks made by Barbara

I have been fascinated with mask making for decades. I have around 50 masks from Mexico here in my bedroom (inspired by Frida, of course). I have created mask making lesson plans: and visited Cajun country and was one of the first women to ride in Mardi Gras “Run for a Chicken” traditional parade. People throughout history have always been drawn to wearing masks- they allow the wearer to adopt a different persona. It is seductive.

Now, however, the need for a mask is what we hope is a once in a generation necessity…. and not for a good reason. I have often wondered when I saw people in airports with masks on. Now I get it. I have been making masks and you can make them, too. See video following.

The first 5 people to email a mailing address to us will receive a 4 layer fabric mask Gratis-FREE. Please reach out to Art to Change the World if we can create a custom mask for you or a friend. $10.00 donation to ACW. See all the different kinds of masks:  Join ACW for $10.00 and receive a mask from Barbara.

TP Roll mask Challenge – Win $100, $50 or $25 . We have been having fun amusing ourselves with creating little masks (not to be worn) out of the paper toilet paper roll which you (hopefully) have in abundance. You can wet the roll and manipulate it into a face or just go rogue as you see people doing here. It is amazing how our masks match our personalities! All ages…the only requirement is one roll per entry. Just send us a picture of the finished work. TP Roll Challenge details:

The Covid 19 virus attacks the elderly, the medically compromised from asthma, obesity etc, the poor, the incarcerated and the marginalized who are forced into crowded working conditions because if they do not work, they do not eat. You may not be at risk but they all are. What kind of person do you want to be? Thanks for keeping yourself and the people around you safe by wearing a mask.

In the very timeworn opening lines from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ seems apropos at the moment; “It was the best of times; it was  the worst of times…

We must figure out how to build resilience into our future endeavors – sooner or later some other catastrophic event will  radically alter our lives and we will confront untold challenges again – hopefully as more prepared citizens. The leading   attribute to being successful is adaptability. We are facing steep challenges as well as opportunities in every environment.

For yourself, be generous, notice small joys. Prepare more, worry less.