Coaching Project Advisory meeting 7-7-21

Coaching Project Advisory meeting 7-7-21


In Attendance:

Barbara Bridges, Abby Ross, Layl McDill, Margo Ashmore, Deacon Warner, Bianca Dawkins, Hermin Milligan, Erik Helgeson, Brenda Litman


After program overview these are the important suggestions from Advisors:

Herman- There are processes to get into corporations.  He has connections that can help.

Herman- We will need to get Social Security #’s-  Will need W-9’s from all paid

Bianca- Concerned about Accountability measurements and what happens if the Youth can’t complete.

Herman- Suggested they sign a contract with specifics about limits on how many times they can skip reports.

Bianca- Be flexible but have clear transparent expectations.


Age limit discussion:

Eric- it is more about where they are at in their career than exact age.

Herman- Don’t leave it unclear.  If the grant states certain ages we have to match that.  (MRAC does not)


Bianca asked Abby what we are looking for in candidates.

Abby answered strong personal story and a passion that aligns with ACW


Herman suggests we check that the MRAC grant isn’t just for Metropolitan area.

We need to be clear that only MN residents can apply (Should we add this to the top of the Application form?)


Race ? Discussion:

Herman- it is not illegal to have a long list of check boxes.  Don’t make this optional because we need to know for our grant.

Bianca- Put a note about why this question is there. (Did Herman agree to work on this?)

Abby will rework this question and send out for review.

Brenda asked about what we hope to get from “Cultural Background” – Answer differently abled, LGBTQ, etc.  (Brenda asked later if the applicant would know this- but our grant doesn’t stipulate this requirement)k


Social Media ? Discussion:

Abby- For safety or just because they might not go on Social media we want this to be optional.

Suggested we change the question to be not required but take off the “optional” word in the question.

Brenda- suggests the question “Are you active on Social Media?” because you might have accounts but not use them.


Youth section of the Ap-

Erik – suggests we have add the suggestion to add a link to an Instagram (or website) as a way to show their “work samples”

Margo suggestions:  change + to AND before LGBTQ

Add Personal or professional to references ask.


Rubric Discussion

Brenda asked how will we know they are a completer

Herman- references are important for that.

Margo suggests 18+ and MN resident question is a yes or no because there is no reason to go forward if they are NO.


? about if “Youth” drops out what happens-

Abby- says depends on timing, Barbara says we will have alternates.

Herman- Because of  the funding we will need to complete the projects.


Bianca asked if it is better for the Coaches to be chosen first.  Barbara- no we want the projects to be driven by the youth.


Brenda asks if there is a place on the application to share completed projects.  Maybe these are a variety of different things like schooling, projects, programs.


Suggestion to add a question that shows the candidate has demonstrated completion.


Herman asked to get one more look at all the documents.


Bianca- asked about the role of the coach.  Abby- they are not project manager the youth is.  They are advisors or supporters bringing their voices and expertise.  – Make sure this is clear- possibly add “guide on the side, not sage on the stage”


Hermans suggests we have a group to help with conflict when it comes up.  Barbara- this is her plan.  Herman is willing to be on this advisory team to serve as needed but can’t commit to regular meetings.


Review committee so far:

Layl, Margo, Barbara, Bianca, Herman.


Herman will ask his out of state connection with CA artist/ scientist group to be on the review committee.

Layl will draft a short job description of the review committee commitment.


Meeting ended at 8:04