Chowdah Feed  June 18, 2022 

Chowdah Feed  June 18  2022      2323 Monroe St. NE  Minneapolis, MN 55418

ACW Director, Barbara Bridges, is a Maine native. She makes a famous seafood chowder with seafood she flies in from Maine. It is her Grammy LeBlanc’s recipe. Cheesy biscuits or corn on the BBQ often accompany and we end with traditional whoopie pies! Hosted at Barbara’s unique home and studio for all ACW Patrons who have contributed $500 and above.

Eligible Attendees for 2022:

Thomas Fulton, Lynn Olson, Josh Blanc, Layl McDill, Harlan Luxenberg, Nina Robinson, Sally Gibson, Rhoda Olson, Lucienne Schroepfer, Pat Rogers, Herman Milligan,   Marko Fields, Mike Vennewitz, David O’Fallon, Greg Volker, Denise Tennen, George Effrin, Central Ave Liquor, Eastside Food Co-op, Bridgescreate


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