Chowdah Event 2019


2019 Chowdah Feed  November 20 at 5:30


The house

ACW  Director, Barbara Bridges, is a Maine native.  She makes a famous seafood chowder with seafood she flies in from Maine.  It is her Grammy LeBlanc’s recipe. Cheesy biscuits often accompany and the traditional blueberry pie or gingerbread with ice cream finishes.  There will be a Seafood Chowdah feed on  November 20 at 5:30 at her unique home and studio for all ACW Patrons who have contributed  $500 and above.




Major Donors 2019
William digs into the salad
Limited edition token created from the very lobster claws in the chowdah!
the salad
Linda and Barbara with their Ojectivos de Historia
the entire edition
Where the lobsters come from
In the pot
This is an all day prep for this soup
the lobsters start out black and green


The stairs to my artist garret!

Skyler with the T-shirt






Other Benefits:

  • Belonging to an international and diverse networked community
  • Leading and participating in Ubuntu film/book and workshop/discussion
  • Listing in the membership directory
  • Use of ACW as Fiscal Agent for grants
  • 4 Artist-led studio tours and discussions per year
  • ACW hot beverage cup
  • 1  ACW T -Shirt
  • 1 VIP ticket to all events
  • Dinner/gathering with Patrons, Executive Director and Board