Cabin Fever Reliever March At A Glance

March is our last month of free zoom programming in our 2024 Cabin Fever Reliever series! February had us discussing toxic words of ignorance and the evolution of words, discussing how colonialism has affected narratives in theater, sharing things we’ve written in the past for others to hear and a regenerative writing workshop with writing in the present moment.


March has a whole new line up of zooms once a week on Mondays at 6pm! Free to attend, just go to our site, pick the classes/experiences you want to attend, and email for the zoom link! Read All About it:



March 4th

What we do with the ground below us will determine how long we have left on this planet.

Pre watch the film “Kiss the Ground” on Netflix and come prepared to discuss it on March 4th with Layl McDill at our first watch party of the year!


Kiss the Ground is a documentary where science experts and celebrity activists unpack the ways in which the earth’s soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.


Layl says, “This film totally changed the way I thought about dirt. I watched it a few years back and I thought it would be interesting to watch it again and discuss it with thoughtful ACW people. It gave me some help to see the positive changes people are making to keep our soil viable.”


Hope you’ll join us! March 4th, Monday 6-7pm central time. Email to get the link!


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Layl McDill

Layl McDill grew up in Gillette, Wyoming where she began creating at a very young age. Her early works were dollhouses, marionettes and even an entire “Smurf Village”.  Layl received her BFA in Illustration from the Columbus College of Art Design but she found it more exciting to make sculptural work and sell it through galleries and art fairs.

Layl lives in Minneapolis and is co-owner with her husband Josh Blanc of Clay Squared to Infinity, a tile and art studio and showroom in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.  She has two grown daughters.   She has exhibited her work around the country since 1994 at

galleries, art centers, festivals and museums.

Polymer clay has been her medium of choice using the millefiori technique and some mixed media materials added.  The theme of wonder permeates her sculptures that are covered with endless details.  Her work can also be found in numerous books and publications.
Social media:

Linked In   Twitter: @laylm    Youtube:




March 11 Wondering what is the best way to sell your art online?

Join ACW Intern Madeline (Lin) Boemer as they explore the options for and process of selling your art/goods on an online marketplace! What are the pros and cons of selling your art online? What do you need to have before launching an online marketplace? What websites can you utilize to sell your art online? Answers to all these questions and more in “Mastering Online Marketplaces for Makers and Creatives”!

In this hour-long class, you’ll gain insights into what you need to start your online marketplace journey, whether it’s understanding the technical requirements or what kind of art you should market in a digital landscape. We’ll delve into various website platforms, discussing which ones work best for different types of creators, from visual artists to crafters. Discover strategies for promoting your artwork effectively, including leveraging social media and how to most effectively target new buyers. Plus, learn practical tips on how to find success with selling your artwork online, from pricing strategies to customer engagement techniques. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master the intricacies of online marketplaces and taking the next steps in your creative journey!

Monday March 11   6pm Central time.

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Madeline (Lin) Boemer – They/Them


“Madeline Boemer, affectionately known as Lin, is a self-taught acrylic painter with a penchant for both traditional canvas and digital mediums. Their artistic journey delves into the captivating realm of animals, exploring their often overlooked expressive qualities. Immersed in the world of academia, Lin finds solace in their art, offering a momentary reprieve from the rigors of university life. Their beloved Tabby cat, Charles, serves as a constant muse, inspiring much of their feline-themed creations

Hailing from Golden Valley, Minnesota, Lin is inherently drawn to the sciences, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Beyond the classroom, they actively engage in various organizations on campus, including acting as the President for both the Dungeons and Dragons Club and the Pharmacology Club.

The fusion of their scientific pursuits and artistic endeavors provides a harmonious balance, stimulating both the analytical left brain and the imaginative right brain. Lin aspires to contribute meaningfully to the world through their dual passions: advancing knowledge in neuropharmacology through research and fostering connection through their animal-centric artwork.

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March 18    Cultural Appropriation Discussion

In the current political atmosphere, artists are being asked to consider and censor the images they use. This is an important topic, a challenge and a slippery slope.
Join Melodee Strong as we try to identify how artists should proceed.  Is it possible to create policy? Should we?

What you will need for this class: Optional examples of artists creating art using symbols from cultures other than their own  and your opinion on if that’s okay and successful or disrespectful.

Instructor: Melodee Strong

Date: Monday, March 18th 6-7pm
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Melodee Strong

 Melodee Strong has completed over 60 mural and large-scale projects in the Twin Cities and Jamaica. She has a BFA from MCAD and a Masters in Arts Education from the U of M. Her multifaceted practice as an artist allows her to create using a wide range of materials and techniques but her portfolio largely consists of murals giving attention to diverse cultures, feminism, and social justice. She is currently teaching visual art at Franklin Middle School in Minneapolis and is an adjunct instructor at MCAD, Augsburg, Metro State, and the U of M teaching courses in foundational art studies, K-12 Art Methods courses, and professional practice in illustration. She has recently earned The Minneapolis Educator Leadership Award from the Graves Foundation in 2020 and 2022. Her personal work includes symbols from her Peruvian background and the juxtaposition between the two very different cultures.







March 25.  What did the Nazis Hate?

Find out the answer to this question and discuss on a free zoom watch party discussion! Watch ahead of time on Netflix, the film, “Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate,” and come discuss the film with Deb Ripp!


A 2023 film set in the 1920s in a glittery nightclub in Berlin that becomes a haven for the queer community in this documentary exploring the freedoms lost amid Hitler’s rise to power.  A glittery nightclub in 1920s Berlin becomes a haven for the queer community in this documentary exploring the freedoms lost amid Hitler’s rise to power.


Deb says, “I chose [this film] because I personally did not know this history, and others might not know this history, too. Also, I think it’s important to understand how history repeats itself.”


She describes the film as a “documentary tracing the historical roots of the transgender movement, focusing on Weimar, Germany, how the Nazi’s targeted the trans community, among others, for persecution.”


Hope you’ll join us! March 25th, Monday 6-7pm central time. Email to get the link!


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Deb Rip

I am a native Minnesotan born in Mankato and based in the Twin Cities. I welcome you to come visit my studio in the Dow building and in the Creative Zone of St. Paul. The Dow building is on the Green Line of the Twin Cities Light Rail System~ Tobersonstudios,  2242 University Ave. W. #201B, St. Paul. MN 55114

Tobersonstudios is home to a broad range of spirited images by Debra Ripp in mixed media. Toberson is the doghead figure that you see in much of my work.  He is an original insignia character in my work, the guide to all of my imagery.

 I am Mixed Media artist which means I love to explore all possible media, anything that will make the image emerge stronger to obtain the voice it is meant to have. My favorite thing is to vacillate between media and observe how the image can transform and mature as it is manifested in different media, including 3D media.  Debra Ripp/ Tobersonstudios