BOD  Meeting Dec 5, 2023

BOD  Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Layl
  • Herman
  • Leeza
  • Sandra
  • Pat
  • Apollo
  • Frances
  • Amáda




Barbara is looking into capacity building and expanding on the diversity of ACW


Herman has potential contacts at Blue Dot


Project Management Training went well and has already started helping with division of the workload in the organization


Website update is a go since Barbara’s daughter has agreed to join the We Re-Org team


Frances will help with promotion of our four big current projects: Emma Norton Maker Space, Mill City Partnership, Echoes of Tradition, and ACW Cabin Fever Reliever


Maybe look into getting our logos copyrighted – Frances can be paid a stipend for this


Amáda suggests the Echoes logo is updated to be in line with ADA guidelines. Kelly will change the yellow to another color.


Next meeting April 2nd at 7pm


Projected Budget 2024 Barbara
Taxes 2022
Thank You to Liza Ferrari for her service to ACW
New Accountant 
  Lisa Stenback, E.A. Under $500 for taxes  $100 quarterly reports

Grants Pending and Funding Barbara
MAB Grant  Pending Educational Programing $25,000
MRAC Grant Pending  Operational  $25,000
Laura Jane Musser pending Echoes  $25,000

Writing. Barbara
Capacity Building Project Arts HERE. NEA.  $75,000
Minneapolis Foundation. Operational $30,000
Recurring Corporate Support

In the Last Month:
Give to the Max.
Private Donations $14,500 Secured. Helgesen, Olsen and Vennewitz.
$1,000 Club = $8,000  Owen Brown, Dave Dvorak, Lucy Schroepfer, Lynn Olson, Layl McDill, Pat Rogers, Kelly Frankenberg, and Barbara Bridges

We have a Brokerage Account Now # 42480566  DTC # 0280
We also have our Pay Pal Account set up to receive Vanguard payments.

20 People completed Project Management Training Show Handbook. Barbara

Intern Testimony : Frances
Cross Generational Leadership  Barbara

Website Clean-Up in progress.  Apollo
Nov 19   1st Annual Showcase at Solar Arts   –  Kelly
Trash to Treasure Collection 
SWAP  Intern Project
Critique Cabaret  Intern Project
Maker Space Projects  Emma Norton  – Apps open December 1. Show resident survey.  $1200  per artist, Kelly donates art lesson 
1st Annual Echoes of Tradition
– Music and Dance project opportunities update LOGO Approval $1,000 or more per creative. Kelly
Mill City Museum  Stone Arch Festival, Major Works Installation and Audience Interaction  June 2024  $2,000 per artist. Apps open Dec 1.  Show Project Page Image
100 Feet of Art and History:  An ACW and Mill City Museum Partnership
Cabin Fever Reliever    Kelly
Drum Roll: Kelly Frankenberg will be taking the leadership role in January and February this year.