Bob’s Waterfall of Reactions

  • Larry Long

righteous sovereign

  • Laurie Hasselmann Ongley

Helped me understand

  • Nyasa Henderson Meany

sorrow, resilience, strength

  • Anton Treuer

Truth to power!

  • alexiskent

Layered, Honest, Loving

  • David Swarthout

can’t stop crying

  • Margo Ashmore

defined historic trauma

  • Robert Perez

a call to care

  • Jen Cantine

Inspiring wake-up call.

  • Barbara Bridges

Profound, data collection

  • Sasha Houston Brown

honest, important, relevant

  • Mary Bren

truth for all

  • Patricia Rogers


  • Penny Kagigebi

groundbreakinghopefulsee myself

  • Erin L

sorrow and hope

  • biel kanani

Eye opening, honest, hopeful

  • iPhone0

Awareness Is Key

  • Kristine Martin, Mpls.

humane passionate sad

  • Layl McDill

resilience, power, strong

  • Lisa Krall

Moving, enlightening, honest

  • ruona

Interesting, Thought provoking

  • Ric Berkholtz

Poignant, powerful, enlightening

  • David O’Fallon

powerful images human

  • Teri Cannon

Shocked to action

  • carriekloman

Brilliant painful eyeopening

  • Max Gail

open heart healing

  • whiteka

powerful, empathetic, perspective

  • Sylvia Foster

insightful stunning inspirational