Board Meeting Agenda  and Minutes  07-14-2018

Art to Change the World, Inc.
Board Meeting Agenda  and Minutes  07-14-2018

Date:  July 14th 2018                                   Time meeting called to order: 10:01am

Board Members Present

Name Present Absent Name Present Absent
Barbara Bridges x   Craig Harris x  
Lynn Olson   x Patricia Rogers x  
Grace Bianchi x   Kristi Hemmer   x
Shira Richter (video) x   Joan Vaughn, Chair x  

Mission Statement

Art to Change the World (ACW) is a non-profit, diverse coalition of artists, educators, scientists, topic experts, and other change makers who join forces in service of positive social change. We employ the arts, education, audience engagement, and organizational partnerships to provoke discussion, reflection, and action.


To Do Items

Item Assigned to
Engage in discussion on Facebook Page All Board Members
Board to do for PR Barbara Bridges
Put 0ctober 5th and 6th on our calendars and come to the other dates as much as possible to support the artist All Board Members
To communicate with Jill to schedule a way for board members to sign up to gallery sit Craig Harris
Send 1-2 questions about your performance All Board Members
Sell 2 tickets to friends fundraiser All Board Members
Contact Ben about Youth Advisory Board Grace Bianchi
Type up proposed policy and distribute to board for discussion Joan Vaughn
After event, document event roles

Craig will approve paid/volunteer roles for event planning.

Craig Harris
Connect Barbara to webmaster Joan Vaughn
Send out a doodle request to schedule online board meeting, where we will be discussing two things. 1. Membership.2.Funding policy


Joan Vaughn







10:00 Welcome and Approve Minutes -April 21st 2018 ●        Minutes Approved
  Discuss Purpose of Board Meetings ●        Joan discussed that ACW is a policy based board with fiduciary responsibilities (legally responsible to guide organization in ethical use of finances, ensure alignment with non-profit rules & guidelines, and approve & uphold mission and vision).
10:15 Discuss changes to mission,


Discuss elevator speeches for

all board members.

●        Board practiced individual elevator speeches.( what you would say to someone if they asked you about ACW.)
10:30 Financial Report ●         7,000 Grant (ENCUMBERED FUNDS)
10:45 Committee Reports ●        Everything is in place and moving along. Hitting social media hard. Instagram has more interest than FB.
10:45 Events

Craig-event, who for design?



Joan – Friends Fundraiser

●        Reviewed Schedule. Progress with design and layout. Working out equipment needs. Gallery sitting discussion.


●        VIP event is to help raise awareness around the  organization

●        Donors/ sponsor buy a ticket for youth artist/first time attendee  to diversify/increase audience.

●        Target is 75 people @ $75 a piece

●        Artist and board members do not need tickets(25-30)

●         Social games( passport to the artworks)to get people talking and connecting.

●        What’s your issue name tags.

●        Expectation – each ACW member will sell/bring 2 people to fundraiser

●        getting bids for Food ( fundraiser)

●        No problems with capacity (comp ticket for the artist and board member)

●        Committee is going well and moving forward.

10:45 PR No concerns, on target.


10:45 Education ●        Mt. Olivet wants to partner with ACW

●        Hire 4 artists for a 2 hour session

●        Applying for grant. 2 classes each & art mediums selected by funder.

●        9 workshops, confident everyone knows what’s going on.

 10:45 Fundraising and Grants      Board will set a policy regarding paying & supporting authentic voices while maintaining surplus goal to eliminate future issues

●        Determine surplus goal in budget



 10:45 Director’s Report      Barbara provided a sheet to follow along

●        Hosts set in place

●        Sell artist work on fundraising night

●         ACW gets 100%  on auction items

●        Working on funding to pay positions that require a lot time (Craig/Barbara).

●        $10 per ticket for Danielle & Craig performance( goal to fund them)

●        $5 registration fee for workshops

●        Got the grant from Laura

●        Find out August 1st if we get Bush grant

●        Don’t RSVP to group mails(BCC when sending emails)

●        Need a webmaster



11:30 Discuss Membership purpose, definition, function, cost ●        Create a policy around membership & fee?


11:30 End meeting. Set date for next meeting September 15th at 10:00am

Location: Coop, followed by member meeting at Coop.

Time adjourned: 11:32 Minutes submitted July 17th, 2018, by Grace Bianchi, Secretary.