Birthday, Anniversary, Housewarming etc. Gifting

It is so easy to adopt a Birthday, Anniversary, Housewarming etc. gift.

1A.You go to the Registry and select a gift and contact the artist to adopt it.


1B. You send your Birthday, Anniversary, Housewarming loved one to the Registry and tell them to choose a gift in your price range.  They tell you what they want and you contact the artist to adopt it and arrange transfer.

3.Send this address to your giftee:

Sample message:
Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Housewarming  etc. I/We are supporting the Stand With Artists Project-ACW (Art To Change The World) Registry. This has been a difficult time for artists and I/We invite you to select a work from the ACW Registry. When you adopt original art, the soul of the artist joins you.

5. You will arrange the transfer of the art to you or your giftee.  If you would like, you may get to meet the artist or you can arrange to mail the work after payment. All our artists are vetted and  part of the ACW community.

Please send questions to: