August 22 Event Committee Meeting

Event Committee Minutes

August 22, 2018, 12-200 pm, Barb Bridges Abode

Present: Craig, Barry, Layl, Maris, Jill, Candy, Barb


Director Updates (Barb)

  1. Tokens to be given away to all ACW attendees are being created.
  2. A poster will be provided at the show for attendees to write or comment on issues important to them.
  3. Discussion concerning background music for the show. A DJ was nixed due t cost ($200) and atmosphere. Joan has offered to play a list from her itunes. Craig will talk with Danielle regarding her speakers for itune hook-up.
  4. Office Assistant is needed! Pay is $15/hr with the possibility of making a maximum of $500. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN PUT IN A FEW HOURS HERE AND THERE, PLEASE LET BARB KNOW!
    1. Ben, who is heading up the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and pop-ups, is leaving September 1 and taking a position in Seattle. He told Barb he is coming back from Seattle to coordinate the pop-ups.
    2. Discussion whether ACW can count on Ben returning and coordinating the pop-ups. Craig says we need a back-up plan just in case Ben cannot make it back.
    3. Again, IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP, please let Barb know.
    4. Discussion about the YAB. Jill mentioned that perhaps the YAB does not happen this time for our event. Layl will reach out to art teachers concerning YAB and ACW.

Budget Updates (Craig)

  1. Handout and budget income and expenses was discussed.
  2. Barb said there will not be 20 expert voices. The budget allocated $5000 for 20 voices, but now there will only be 12 ($3000). The budget will be amended with this cost change.
  3. Presently, all expenses are being met, but we are short $10,000 for money to pay the artists. Barb referred artists to GiveMN (she had sent an email earlier in the week concerning GiveMN). Discussion followed: Barb is getting a pop-up funded. Jill suggested as group ACW could ask GiveMN to fund “Historical Trauma”.
  4. Barb announced Holy Land will be our caterer for $780.


Fundraising Initiatives (Craig and Barb)

  1. Discussion about Individual and Institutional Fundraising prospects. Barb is still looking into possibilities.
  2. For all members and supporters, Craig wrote an excellent comprehensive Donation/Volunteer letter providing an update on ACW progress. Discussion followed. As an email, the subject line will be See. Say. DO! We. Need. YOU! Craig will send the letter out asap.




Public Relations (Layl)

  1. For the VIP event, send an email to everyone you know. Follow-up with a phone call if possible. Send invites via Facebook, as well.
  2. Jill will follow-up with Bob Trench. An article in Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine may come out as soon as September.
  3. Barb will write an article for mail chimp regarding historical trauma.
  4. Layl will talk with Tara who can talk about ACW on MPR’s Art Hounds.



  1. Discussion about pop-ups. Jill’s pop-up was inexplicably not scheduled. It will now be scheduled public opening night Saturday October 6 and on Saturday October 13, as an opening for Historical Trauma.
  2. Jill performed her two poems for the board. They are excellent.
  3. Maris discussed the label/waiver form. Layl and Maris will confer and then send the info needed to the 20 artists.


Design Exhibit (Barry)

  1. The design exhibit committee will meet at Squirrel Haus at noon this Sunday August 26. We will look at where we currently stand on installation and needs. Those attending are Craig, Barry, Maris, Candy, Jill, and possibly Anne.


Meeting adjourned at 2 pm.

Next meeting is on September 6, 1-3 pm at a location to be determined.