August 13 Meeting


Outcomes of August 13 Meeting:
*We will abandon the barter component for this event.
*Each artist will receive an 8X10 artists statement/deconstruction to share their message.  Part of the ACW mission is education. We want to encourage the uninitiated to find meaning in our events. Trump did what he did because people felt excluded.
*Abbey will create the meeting doodles.   If  there is a class in the Suite 201  space, you can meet downstairs in the entryway on California Street.
*Barbara: Will find 2nd bartender, work on promo,  store chair, find musician for opening night  Send copy to California Building- Jennifer
* Candy suggested Brian Bose as a special speaker. Slay it.
*Barbara will start exploring speaker possibilities
*Barbara provided list of ACW artists for Suyao to investigate.  Artists will provide Suyao  3 photos and complete show information form.

*Barbara  will provide database for Suyao to reach out to artists.

*Suyao will make info cards (could you get something together before August 25 -Polli-Nation) with the image and copy below?
*Suyao and Abbey will meet in the space soon with the Installation artist.   Installation will start OUTSIDE the 22nd street door.
*Craig will connect Barbara with Mojo’s to confirm partnership.

Holiday Light?  Holiday Dark?
An Art to Change the World Celebration


Join Art to Change the World at the California Building during California Dreamin’ weekend at 2205 California St NE, Suite 201, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

The event will include an exhibition, special speaker, workshops, music, food and beverages.  Together, we will explore divergent holiday experiences and seek to inspire people to be creative as we all discover how art CAN  change the world!

Opening Reception: November  1   6:00-9:00 Friday
November  2nd   9:00am – 9:00pm Saturday
November 3rd   9:00am – 6:00pm Sunday
November 9   5:00 – 7:00 PM Closing events Saturday