Art Work For Sale


Layl McDill

I’d say a major point in trying to create sellable art that I have used is to study the market- look at what is selling that is similar in style and price point to what you are making.  Study your competition and learn from them as much as you can. Find a mentor that is willing to give you inside information.

Make sure what you are selling fits the market place you are selling in.  For instance I have never been able to sell well at “Craft shows” because my work isn’t the style that people are looking for.  I do much better at “Arts Festivals”.  But every city and neighborhood has different “aesthetics” so study the other art in the area or if you are using an online platform study what sells best there too.

Figure out ways to make your production work quickly but also keep the FUN and creativity going so you keep it fresh and you still want to make it.


Varying Price Points make a difference. Something in the under $20, Something under $100, Things Higher up.

ALL Prints, Artwork unframed needs to be a conventional Size

Find a couple stores that really like your work— this is good practice to see what sells, work with other individuals that can help guide what one creates.

Yes- Festivals a whole different bag. Art Crawls much better—But Money is Money— if you can make a festival work with smaller ready to carry things and need some influx of $$ etc.. They do fill a gap and can be fun.

ABSOLUTELY—plan out what you can sell during the holidays.

ABSOLUTELY—respond to calls for art.

ABSOLUTELY—Join NEEMA and get your work into their fall fundraiser.