Art To Change The World Board Meeting —April 27, 2022

Art To Change The World Board Meeting —April 27, 2022

 Present: Barbara Bridges, Laura Hill, Bianca Dawkins, Layl McDill, Liza Ferrari, David O’Fallon, Greg Volker, Nina Martine Robinson, Mohamed Bulhan.. Proxy: Pat Rogers, Herman Milligan, Sally Gibson.

Action Items:


  • Motion was made by Layl to nominate new board member Nina Martine Robinson to be made Secretary of BOD. David 2nd, vote was unanimous.
  • Past minutes approved.
  • Motion made by Layl to approve and move forward with the 6 month hires (July 2022-December 2022) for Business Director, Artistic Director and Intern and Youth Coordinator. Nina 2nd, Vote was unanimous.
  • Liza will train whomever we hire in quick books as needed.
  • Motion made by Layl to have an executive committee within the BOD, David 2nd with the caveat that we define the powers of the executive committee, motion was remade, vote unanimous. There will be more discussion on the definition of powers.
  • Motion was made to buy BOD insurance at approx. $800 a year. David 2nd, vote unanimous.
  • Joined Chamber of Commerce
  • Motion was made that we form a standing Development Committee. Nina 2nd, Vote unanimous.
  • David O’Fallon pledged $500 for the general budget.


Discussions surrounding projects ACW is doing included:

Restoring Waters — Emma Norton Call For Art in 2022

Club Critique-May 4th

ACW 5th year Anniversary July 21.

“Longevity of Influence Award” Who should receive it this year?


NEXT MEETING  Tuesday July 26th, 6pm. (Please note day change)


Respectfully submitted,

Nina Martine Robinson