April 4, 2018 Education Committee

Minutes: Art to Change the World

Education Committee Task Force Meeting

April 2, 2018  Riverview Café   5:30-6:30pm

Members Present:  Barbara Bridges,  Layl McDill,  Anne Kleinhenz,  Laura Hill (new member)



  1. Welcome and read the ACW mission statement
  1. ACW perceived as collective; an authentic voice
  2. Great platform for grants and donors to contribute to mission

2 – Review of current “Task List”

  1. Person and topic
  2. Authentic voice and workshop/pop-up/lesson
  3. Needed

Laura – introduction statement: one of her main strengths is grant writing; that is part of the skill set she could contribute; works in Administration and Early Learning at the Children’s Theatre; also a member of Million Artist Movement and a Social Justice theme group

Layl – working on Bush Grant for events which is due soon


  1. Mentioned Alice Walker Foundation for project and donors
  2. Review of event logo and current ACW documents directly with Laura as introduction and inspiration
  3. Invitation to Laura to join our membership at this time at no fee along with her husband Daren; her sister may be involved in the October event; request to Laura and Daren for brief biography, artist picture, one page resume, official artist application and

2-3 jpeg images of work, email to Barbara and copy Anne

  1. Million Artist Movement may have option to have a presence at the ACW October event
  2. Workshops with lesson plans to take to schools and corporations, yet not “hitting anyone over the head with a stick”
  3. Mention of Jill’s updated plans to involve the Men’s Center in her work and to have a dialogue with interactive element workshop


  1. Consideration of children’s topic and program; role of educator
  2. Example: Social Justice themed team she has worked with has done a “Bullying” theme that involves both children and adults with interactive audience participation; see BOAL
  3. Laura was excited at option to bring in a new member
  4. Laura volunteered to contact and coordinate with Felecia from “Compassionate Conversations” on her 3 main themes
  5. Option to consider “Mixed Race” theme as multi-cultural component; her sister is a performance artist & may be involved


  1. a) Requested that Laura and Daren consider these Voice and Leadership contributions:

1) Write one grant

2) Be the MN connection with Felecia in CA; social media      component included

3) Exhibit work at the October event

  1. b) Daren has MCAD connections and to the Black Student Union
  2. c) Barbara will facilitate introduction between Fe & Laura

3 – Consider and determine names for workshops; lesson plans; presentations by artists & authentic voices with audience

Final Choices:

  1. “Hands-on Workshop & Discussion”, 3 hours, $300 stipend, consider limiting attendance as appropriate
  2. “Post Performance Conversation”, 1 hour, $100 stipend

Respectfully submitted on 4.3.18 by Anne Kleinhenz