April 21, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Art to Change the World, Inc.
Board Meeting Minutes

Date: April 21, 2018                         Time meeting called to order: 10:01am

Board Members Present

Name Present Absent Name Present Absent
Barbara Bridges x   Craig Harris x  
Lynn Olson   x Patricia Rogers x  
Grace Bianchi x   Kristi Hemmer x  
Shira Richter x   Joan Vaughn x  

Mission Statement

The mission of ACW is to build a supportive community of voices who aspire to encourage change through positive knowledge, collaboration, and sometimes humor. We seek artists, scientists, educators, change makers and all supporters to meet us at the intersection of art and natural and social sciences.

Approve Last Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve Kristi Hemmer
Motion to second approval Craig Harris

Motions – See attached page for additional motions

The board must approve the Event Committee proposed budget
Motion to approve Joan Vaughn
Motion to second approval Kristi Hemmer

To Do Items

Item Assigned to
Follow and like ACW Facebook page All board members
Find a better software to help Shira participate Barbara Bridges
Return to the original mission statement created in January Barbara Bridges
Determine what administration level members need to be at in order to post individual events on the ACW Facebook page. Shira Richter
Write up on how to connect individual artwork and artist events to ACW FB page.


Shira Richter


10:00 Welcome and Approve Minutes -Jan 6, 2018 ·       Minutes Approved
  Discuss Purpose of Board Meetings ·       Briefly mentioned but not Discussed
10:15 Review Board Terms/ Discuss Conflict of Interest/Ethics/Code of Conduct ·       Briefly mentioned but not Discussed
  Re-visit Mission Statement ·       Decision was made to revert back to the mission statement that we had in January, which includes removing the number 40. Jan mission statement to follow: The mission of ACW is to build a supportive community of voices who aspire to encourage change through positive knowledge, collaboration, and sometimes humor. We seek artists, scientist, educators, change makers and all supporters to meet at the intersection of art and natural and social sciences.
10:30 Financial Repot ·       Joan went over the profit loss and balance sheet. Cash view of company.  Tax quarter starts January. Spent more this quarter than have taken in. Decided by the board no approval required for budget.

·       3% cost of doing business. Paypal fees despite non-profit  – no way around it.

10:45 Director and Committee Reports ·       Barbara talked about reports. Highlighted individuals assigned to each area for ACW

·       Events-Craig Harris

·       RR- Lyle (non-board member)

·       Education-Barbara Bridges

·       Funds/Grants –Barbara Bridges

·       Special Events – Barbara Bridges

·       Document storage – Barbara Bridges


·       Barbara talked about marketing meeting she attended at Spring Board for the Arts. Promotional ideas include:

·       Flatter – a “like” button on FB and it is a dollar per “like”

·       Patreon page– a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Ex. $15 a month can preview book prior to being published. According to Barbara, this is the next thing.

·       CSA (community supported arts) built in audience. $100 per artwork. Buy into event for $300 and get 3 artworks. VIP party, which includes meeting the artists.

·       Pursuing creative fundraising.

  PR ·       Spoke about increasing social media presence to reach our target audience. Building audience to promote to.

·       Monthly newsletter – targeted outreach focusing on events, artist features, promotions, prizes, & artwork for purchase.  Setting up mail chimp and getting links connected to sign up for email newsletter.

·       Shira will leverage Facebook, & instagram as ACW marketing platform.

·       Recommending Members follow ACW to increase traffic.

·       Layl, Shira & Barbara are FB administrators. Barbara feels three is enough.

·       What administration level will allow individual ACW members to post events on FB Timeline.

·       Connect artwork and /or event to ACW

·        Editor to post even on Timeline

·       Candy is posting on instagram.


·       Education committee discussed Post performance ($100 stipend) versus 3 to 4 hour hands on workshop and discussion ($300 stipend)

·       Laura Hill new education committee member submitted a grant on April 20th.

·       Website all minutes, agendas, status updates are stored on website.

·       Created team support document. New strategy to get individuals engaged in writing about their art and event.

·       Joan calls to have a discussion about a strategy for collecting information and communicating with people. (Decided will be discussed at the meeting with Capecci)

·       Youth and underserved recruitment. 5 new members.

·       3 grants have been submitted.

·       Discussion about communication/accommodations for underserved not contributing or fully engaged in creating a successful event. Ambassadors to underserved. Think about entry point to engage further participation.

  Fundraising /Grants ·       Discussed, Barbara gave an update about the Grants.
  Special Event: May Retreat with John Capecci.  Board invited. May 14 at 6 PM ·       Location: TBD

·       John Capecci from Walker is intrigued with ACW and would like to help ACW communicate with audience. Capecci suggested grant writer and Development Director

·       Discussion was held about why all the board members should attend.

  Document Storage ·       Barbara showed a data page.
  Other Business ·       Core group of individuals showing up for planning event.

·       Talked about the “VIP event” and when we should do it. (Discussion was held and many agreed the VIP event should be hosted a coupled hours before our main event at 6pm).

·       Discussed if there should be consequences if artist aren’t turning stuff in by the due date.  Committee is assigning spaces now. Difficult to assign without artist application.

·       Event committee can leverage board support. Draft key point & communicate with board  in order to tap into resources and network.

12:00 End Meeting. Set date for next Meeting ·       Next meeting is July 14th from 10-12pm, Location: TBD

Time adjourned: 12:02 Minutes submitted April 22, 2018, by Grace Bianchi, Secretary f