April 2 2024

ACW Board Meeting




  • Barbara Bridges
  • Layl
  • Frances
  • Herman
  • Apollo
  • Sandra
  • Leeza
  • Amáda




Conflict of Interest form will be sent out soon


Make sure we call a meeting to order


Having an accountant has helpful with staying organized


New Office is going great. Everyone is working together on this.


Layl helped make a new application form that is easy for us and the applicant to use


We have created a visual for conflict resolution


Add a waiver to the Mill City contract about ACW not being liable for damages


Website update is in the works. Out template for the member directory is almost ready. Next will be a project page template and a new version of a calendar.


Microsoft stock – Keep it or sell it? > Let’s connect next meeting but for now how about waiting a year to see what happens.


Next meeting on August 7th at 7pm