April 17, 2018 PR Sub-Committee

Layl McDill   Barbara Bridges

* Layl will post Event Committee and ask them to bring units to the April 25 meeting for a 15-20 minute workshop to network our accounts and learn how to share and follow (or create an account).
* All Members need to share their  professional posts with Barbara drb@bridgescreate.com and Shira  Shira Richter artistshira@gmail.com

to post to the  ACW Facebook page.
* Layl, Shira and Barbara will all administrate the ACW Facebook Page. They will post items of interest and help members learn how to network all the social media accounts

Candy is Lead?  Layl, Candy, Shira and Barbara will aggressively post to Instagram and encourage members to use this platform.

Need Lead.  Layl, Candy, Shira and Barbara will aggressively post to Twitter and encourage members to use this platform.

ACW will reach out (via Layl) and offer partnership to NE Arts District’s HATCH project.
ACW will reach out (via Layl) and offer partnership to WARM.

Layl will take the lead with Mail Chimp Newsletter project.   layl.mcdill@gmail.com
Topics:  Support a Team, Oct 2018 Event, Looking for Social Media Interns, feature an artist? Like us for $1.00? Support us for $5.00?

Investigate : Propel -Resources for non-profits

Fundraising Ideas:

*Individual Team Support :  Bridges, Hemmer, Gilbert  $1,000 each

*ACW “crowdsourcing”   1. $5.00 to “support the cause”. Sent to ALL of our networks.
2. Add a $1.00 button on all our Social Networking to “Like” our project. Can go
through the ACW site.

*Start a Patreon project.  Need someone to manage this. Monthly Subscriptions for
insider access.

*Next Project? Community Supported Arts –  10 artists make 10 works.
Sponsorships cost $300.00 x 30 = $9,000.00. All tax deductible. Benefits: 3
artworks. One from each artist at 3 Sponsor Parties. Meet and Greet the artists.   100 works divided by 30 sponsors = 3 works per sponsor with one bonus work for
the last party. Each artist will earn $100 per work.  Success will hinge on quality   of product.

*Albright  See Say DO?    Authentic Voice?   Poster with Warhol style image of Albright?

*Sponsors on Website?  On program?

*Sponsors for Event. Summit?  Art Supply? Other liquor stores? Bakeries? Pasteria? PEACE Coffee shop?

* $25 ALL SSD Events?  A $50 dollar value. “Donate” through the site?  Benefit is ALL SSD Pass. Maybe free drink, too?