April 14 BOD Minutes

ACW Board Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Layl
  • Kelly
  • Leeza
  • Amáda
  • Sally
  • Frances
  • Laura




Layl will send Amáda a Code of Conduct to sign


December minutes have been approved


Apollo has been approved to join the board


Values and Visions update has been posted to the website


Paint to Process project will be continuing for a bit longer


Start a series of projects that are about the history of something. The Art of Drag and The History of Jazz and Dance can be the start of this. It can be a way to promote our musicians.


We need to emphasize the education part of our projects


Leeza says ACW is doing a great job with running its finances


Increasing monthly stipends 15-20% in 2024 has been approved


Frances will send Candy and Rose the event Laura shared with us


Link shared in the chat:



Next meeting on August 29th