April 13 2023

Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Deb
  • Rose
  • Natalie
  • Katie
  • Frances
  • Layl
  • Briauna
  • Alkemy
  • Kelly




Calls for Art from Kelly

  • Recycled themed artworks – font/background color make it hard to read
  • Fluoride Fashion project is about wearable artwork – What about the people who disagree?


Set up for Art-A-Whirl will be on April 30th


Heal and Chill

  • Artwork will mostly come from the art shop
  • Make sure are advertising this
  • Let’s find out where participants are based out of so we can advertise in their local areas


Life of the Spectrum

  • Rose is gathering info for the project page
  • Will try reaching out to AuSM again
  • Look into MAMI


The Art of Drag

  • Frances and Barbara met with Mike
  • Mike connected us to CJ of Mintahoe and we will be meeting on April 29th
  • Moving date to September


Rose and Frances can make a TikTok about Barbara’s Miley Cyrus inspired art


Send Frances all events for the calendar – francesbates22@gmail.com


Press Releases

  • Briauna and Rose need to send Barbara info about their participants
  • Frances will work with Layl to get this info out


Katie will help Deb get the copy for On-Location sent off to Barbara


April 21st music at Mojo’s Coffee at 6pm


New interns

  • Lots of applicants
  • Frances knows someone named Phoebe who will be applying


Margo’s climate change group is just going to be informational Zoom meetings for now


Maker Space

  • Tubman Organization wants to start in October
  • Add Narcan administration training


Emma Norton Gala

  • Barbara is the contact person for any ACW members interested in attending
  • Show up between 4:30 and 5pm
  • Katie has secured parking for us


Next two meetings: May 25th and June 19th