Alkemy Testimony

I joined ACW (Art to Change the World) last summer. How many other places would take a chance on someone who only works from home, has disabilities that still get in the way even then, prefers not to speak, uses unusual pronouns, is without a college education, and at 29 has almost no experience? Because Director Barbara decided to give me that chance; I got to connect, meet my best friend, and occasionally make some income. At the time, and with the changes still pending, I was only getting a little over a hundred dollars a month to live on. The money I got from ACW made it possible to hold on a little longer. Worries about how I was gonna feed my cat, a prescribed emotional support animal, were predominant. With ACW I had the option to, as I was able, make some money so I could say that we might still manage.

It’s a shame that nonprofits set to promote social justice and encourage a better world must rely on money but that’s where we are. This project allows many others as well as myself to have a voice, keep going, and be a part of the world. It means a lot and I see others’ passions for it, such as Barbara’s tireless work and Frances’ endless enthusiasm.

Art to Change the world makes a difference in many people’s lives, I’ve heard its impact is even spanning generations. In some ways, Barbara jokes that things have gotten a little too successful. Though sometimes we still have to walk the tightrope of what would be ideal to give to the world and what is financially feasible.

The Creative Support Grant from MAB is a large part of what makes ACW possible. Removing that could snuff out, or at least seriously dampen, a wonderful light in Minnesota. Leaving many feeling lost. This grant is doing great things through Art to Change the World. With everything going on in the world, I hope we can continue to fight for the changes that are needed to give us a better future.