Agenda and Minutes June 6

June 6   Agenda and Minutes

*Creation of a Grant/Private Donor/Strategic Plan Committee.  Creating a Plan of Action – Barbara
Lucy Layl  Candy  Susan  Ellen Schillace
* Target Grant -Barbara
* Final Decision on Paying presenters and project managers.  Procedure to return your stipend to ACW. Increase Membership Status.   Stipend procedure – All consent
*Invite Special groups to PUPP?  Elderly?  Deb Ripp  Thyme Market  Will send us spread sheet.
*Social Media and SWAP Report- Scorpio Need Coordinators for Social Media and SWAP
*Offer WARM members a one time summer offer to join ACW for $10? Layl needs to check with WARM board.  Expires August 31. Approval.  Layl will ask WARM Board
On Location Drawing Group – Katie and Deb
*Small Exhibitions Committee. Will pay $100 for small show leader.  Step by Step directive being developed. Layl send list to Lucy
*Norwegian Farmer Jeans project?  May partner with WAM   Barbara waiting for historical text to write proposal copy.
*ACW Group Exhibition(s) Report  Lynnette On Track. Can still submit.
*Make PUPP Post Cards ASAP –  Scorpio will do Monday
* Find Small Works to use as attendance incentive for PUPP. Give to Layl and Barbara
* Face Book Fundraiser operational. Birthdays? Post on Newsletter?   Article for July BDay FB Fundraiser/  Lucy
* Looking for a Coordinator for SWAP and Twitter
*  Alex Narva’s Gallery – Alliance bank Center St Paul  Katie will connect with them.
* Supplies/Resources list – Natalie… start list

Next Task Force Meeting  SATURDAY    June 26
Summer Party June 27 4:00 at Layl’s  for $200 Donors and Plus One – All Task Force is invited.
Layl:  Caramelized Onions, Mushroom, Goat Cheese
Prosciutto and Pepperoni-Barbara,
Canned Artichokes, Red Sauce-Lucy
Sausage:    Lynnette
Katie: Watermelon, Non-dairy cheese and GF dough
Salad :  Candy
Fruit Salad : Natalie

Chocolate Cake    Susan

Need people to: Set Up, Serve, Run up and down stairs , Clean Up
Lucy 3:30 -7:30
Corey 3:00
Barbara 2:00
Deb 3:00
Linda 3:00
Lynnette 3:OO
Katie: 300