ACW Values and Visions


ACW Values and Visions




  • Barbara
  • Layl
  • Frances
  • Kelly
  • Becca


Pre meeting


Keep a calendar like the task tracker or have a standing meeting for both TF and leadership


Test out the Project Manager Program on the leadership first




Have the mission and Kelly’s words about what we do at the top of the page


Take out non-competitive


Have a space on the website for what makes us different


Bullet points like how Rhoda has hers



  • Mission: What we do
  • Values: Important to us
  • Visions: Our Goals


Emphasize art AND science but not fully a STEAM organization


If you can dream it, you can do it!


Our Values: Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Creativity, Effectiveness.

  • Equity practices across disciplines, cultures, age, race, economics and abilities.
  • Opportunities for art and science to intersect.
  • Break down historical barriers to creativity.
  • Shared decision making and leadership.


Our Vision- Inspirational and Aspirational

  • To become a quilt of identities and disciplines
  • To train creative leaders for the future
  • To effect change through social justice projects.
  • To pay artists.
  • If you can dream it you can do it.