ACW Board meeting, January 5, 2022

ACW Board meeting, January 5, 2022


Present: Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Bianca Dawkins, Laura Hill, David O’Fallon, Wen

Directors Report  Jan 5, 2022

* Financials 1/2/22  PP $14,328.52  USBank  $29,244.28


$43,021 to artists 2021.      4th Q    $16,146.68  to artists


Due to several members needing to leave early, Re-Organization Agenda Item came first.


* $3,000.00 Donation for Workshop/Visioning/Goal Setting session and possible follow-up support – Funded by Tom Fulton. We would like to have as many ACW Board members as possible at that 3 hour session. January.

Consultant:  Laura Vitelli (she/her)   STAIGER | VITELLI and Associates LLC 


Barbara shared that she had met several times with Tom Fulton regarding ACW as an organization and discussed how did Barbara did her fundraising. He offered his expertise with moving forward on our reorganization plans. He donated money to work with a consultant in regards to visioning and goal setting. Barbara and Layl have met with Laura Vitelli, Tom’s recommendation, and feel that she is a good fit.


Herman was concerned that the organization choose the consultant that was best suited to the job.  David agreed with Herman but it was decided to continue with Laura Vitelli since we have developed a relationship with her.


ACTION: A motion was made by David to set up a 3 hour session with Laura to discuss visioning, goal making for re-organizing ACW leadership/staff positions. Herman seconded and Layl called for discussion. The vote was unanimous and the motion passed.

* Re-Org Step 2.  To start January 2022. Approved by Task Force

DRAFT recommendation to present to Board

$7200.00  Director: $600 a month.  Hours down to 5 a day (150 a month) with all the help from Staff. That is still only $4 an hour but it is a step towards making ACW sustainable.
$2880  PR /Development /Document/Permitting Coordinator $240 a month . Hours approx. 2 a day (60 hours a month)  That is still only $4 an hour but it is a step towards making ACW sustainable.
$1200 Intern Director June- December $200 a month

$1250  Accountant  -4 p and l reports- tax filing.
$1200 Newsletter Coordinator/ Special Projects Assistant $100 a month 

$600 Fox Den Exhibitions Coordinator $ 50 a month

$1200 Social Media Coordinator  $100 a month

$600 Instagram Point Person  $50 a month
$600 Web maintenance
$ 600 Facebook Coordinator
$1200 Special Projects (Noble Truth/Critique/ Exterior Exhibitions) $100 a month
$1200 Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator  $100 a month
$600 Creating Community Page Coordinator  $50 a month


$19, 730.00  for leadership and staff


$10,050.00 for only staff


ACTION: Barbara gave an overview of the budget changes and proposal that was approved by the task force and there was some discussion. David O’Fallon made a motion to approve the Step 2 budget, Herman Milligan seconded and Layl called for discussion. The motion was unanimously approved.



$13,000.00 Anonymous donation to support Step 3 Re-Org.


* Step 3 Re-Org  DRAFT DRAFT  DRAFT (Need $32,050.00 for Step 3 leadership and staff  – $22,000.00 Leadership and $10,050.00 for Staff). Start Date when $19,050.00 balance is raised. This DRAFT will be discussed at our visioning session.


Artistic/Executive Director  (Visionary) 25 hours a week  $1000 a month  $12,000.00

Implement new programs
Lead conversation around new ideas or initiatives
Pursue meaningful relationships and partnerships. Attend community events.
Seek solutions to problems and engage in conflict navigation
Empower member voices
Work with Accountant and Managing/Development Director for quarterly P and L and end year taxes.
Host Major Donor Event
Manage Youth Intern

Support research and development/data driven campaigns
Assist with ongoing integration needs
Event and committee management
Write and file Grant Reports

Establish fundraising directives
Develop major donors
Personal Message on Intake to New Members
Train New Staff Members
Attending Member Events


Organize and Lead Monthly Task Force Meetings

Champion ACW social/media initiatives

Grow ACW’s public profile
Website Maintenance -New program copy, Minutes posting, new member and new program page creation. ,
Organize and copy edit Newsletter

Board Governance

Maintain strong relationships with each board member and task Force Member

Attend all BOD meetings and work closely with the board

Culture & Planning

Provide leadership and guidance for  organization

Have and continuously develop an Anti-Oppression, Environmental Justice, Diversity, and Equity lens to the work

Cultivate a culture of accountability, curiosity and collaboration

Support and nurture new members



Managing / Development Director – (Integrator)  – Oversee day-to-day operations  25 hours a week $800 a month $9600.00

Assist the Director

Help prepare projected budget and quarterly profit and loss statements. Work with the Accountant


Establish fundraising directives and Coordinate efforts

Lead grant prospecting/writing process

Approx. 1 each month
Attending Member Events
Manage Youth Intern
Manage Buddy Program


Champion ACW social/media initiatives

Attend all BOD and Task Force meetings

Develop and Collect Contracts
Oversee Licenses, Permits and Yearly filings with state and federal agencies

Culture & Planning 

Lead strategic planning process
Organize and copy edit Newsletter


Youth Leadership Coordinator/Intern Director   10 hours a week  $400 a month  June 2022- December 2022. $2400.00


Lead intern meetings and communications

Provide a youth empowerment lens to ACW

Attend leadership meetings with Co-Directors
Attend All Task Force Meeting
Represent ACW when needed


Implément social media stratégies

Sustain ACW social networking community


Design new programs focused on youth engagement

Attend programmatic meetings


Work with co-directors to support fundraising directives

Supports grant prospecting and drafting . Approx. 1 grant a month
Develop youth new membership strategies
Attending Member Events


Need $22,000.00 for Step 3 Re-Org Leadership


Returned to Regular Board Agenda:


Barbara asked Wen Wen if she would consider another 2 year term on the board and she agreed to do it. Barbara will also ask Pat to consider another 2 year term.

Herman wanted to know if the board members had signed Conflict of Interest forms, and said he would head up getting that taken care of. He will send Barbara a Conflict of Interest Form that he has used and Barbara will send him the Article of Incorporation to Herman.


Barbara went through the rest of the agenda, bringing the board up to date with all of the projects and how they are going. The board was encouraged to share ACW’s Facebook page and spread the word amongst their friends to check us out. Layl shared about the watch party concept to build community within ACW.



  • Possible partnership with Solar to host a discussion on Cultural Appropriation. Support moving ahead with discussions?

    * Coaching Project  – Barbara and CP participants
    * ACW FaceBook…Could you please send me text and pics to put on our FaceBook?
    * New Studio Visits Initiative for 2022 -Noble Truths -report. Owen Brown
    * On Location Drawing Co-op and Calendar project report. Deb
    * Discussion on procedure to share specialized data for ACW decision making.
    * July exhibition at  Homewood Studios. Theme?  Idea: May/December show. Partner over 40 and under 40 or over 50 and Under 50?  Spin ½ century idea? Teams to explore ageism?
    * 10% Club Fundraiser still looking for matching funds. $2,744.00
    * Club Critique Coordinator Report. Greg Volker,
    * SWAP report: Must adopt 1 work, then send 3 works into the registry.  Coordinator: Nina Robinson

  • Layl read the mission of ACW, and called for changes to the minutes from the last board meeting. No changes were made.

The date for the next meeting is April 27th, 6 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Nina Martine Robinson


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