ACW Board Meeting  August 29, 2023

ACW Board Meeting  August 29, 2023


• Barbara
• Layl
• Sally
• Frances
• Amáda
• Laura
• Kelly
• Apollo
• Sandra


Last meetings’ notes have been approved

New board member: Sandra Reardon

Looking for more funding opportunities

Got some great new interns

Upcoming events
• Sept 9th 12-4pm – Mojo’s Coffee Gallery fundraiser
• Sept 9th 12-7pm happening on Payne Avenue in East St. Paul – Uniquely Eastside Festival and Solidarity Street Gallery (Frances Bates has artwork in the event)
• Sept 10th 3-7pm at 13419 Zest St. NE, Ham Lake, MN 55304 – Phakamani Picnic
• Sept 16th 11:30-1:30PM at Barbara’s house – On Location Drawing Co-op
• Oct 1st 8:30-4:30pm at Solar Arts – Project Management Training Program
• Oct 2nd 6pm at the Ritz Theater – Northeast Arts District Vision Awards (Barbara will be receiving a reward)
• Oct 6th to 8th – Schmidt Fall Art Crawl
• Nov 3rd 7-10pm – The Art of Drag

Amáda has offered for ACW to bring the Mississippi River Pearl sculpture to Columbia Heights in November.

Mill City Museum/Caponi Art Park project
• Approved by board
• Will be co-managed by Barbara and Kelly
• Mill City has a wall they want us to create art on
• Caponi will be multiple sculptures
• Maybe reach out to see if one of them would be able to provide additional money for permanent installations

Winter Zoom Workshops project
• Approved by board
• Kelly has been finding all sorts of topics to cover

Next meeting on December 5th at 6:30