ACW Artist Contract Blank




The following represents the Contract between Art To Change The World (herein referred to as ACW) and (Name of Individual) ______________________ (herein referred to as Artist). The Services contracted shall be that of an Artist, as set out below. Please read it carefully and raise any questions or concerns that you have with (ACW) before agreeing to the contract. 

This agreement will begin upon acceptance by the Artist and shall remain valid for the duration of the relationship.

The Contract shall be in force for a period of __3_ month(s), beginning the ___ day of ________,

20__, and ending the ___ day of _________, 20__.


Project Specific details:





Special Agreement(s). 




The services provided by the Artist will be generally conducted in-person but much of the organizational work is online so we are flexible. ACW will be following the State of Minnesota COVID-19 protocol guidance in force at the time the Artist sessions are to occur. In conversations with mentors or staff ACW expects that you will be direct and honest and encourage the mentors or staff to do the same.


To be an ACTIVE member of ACW you must  have your membership paid  up and your 6 hours of volunteer work completed.  We are a collective. ACW does not work unless we all contribute our time. 



Orientation- If required.

Other meetings:

ACW artists are expected to attend as many member events and ACW sponsored events as possible unless there are compelling challenges.

Interns are expected to attend all Task Force meetings.

ACW has a very small administrative team -mostly volunteers. Tracking the money is arduous.  For this project, we  request you start a Paypal account so we can keep the bookkeeping to a manageable task.


Conflict Resolution

When conflict arises please follow these steps to work towards resolution:

  1. Approach the person you are having an issue with and work towards proposed solutions. This includes a problem with the director.  Assume good intentions.
  2. If solutions are not found contact Barbara Bridges.
  3. If conflict is yet to be resolved, members from the Advisory Committee may be asked to step in.


 Participants must give 24 hours’ notice if there is a need to cancel or change the time of an appointment  and will make every effort as well, to reschedule sessions which are canceled in a timely manner. If a participant does not cancel meetings in a timely manner on a regular basis, the team can end their relationship with that team member. 


If you are asking someone for an assist or data, identify the deadline. If you are being asked for  a task, you may say. “Yes, I can do that by the deadline,” or “ I can’t do that by the deadline but I can do it by XXX, or “ So sorry but I can’t help with that.”  What is NOT an option is no response. Email and text communications need a timely response.


Because of the number of staff involved with ACW we primarily use email to organize projects. If you are involved in a project,  it is important for you to try to look at your email once a day. Sometimes, there might be 8 people waiting for your response and they can not move forward until you respond.


Other Deliverables:

Newsletter Articles. Artists are invited to  write Newsletter articles

Social Media: Artists  will be expected to share their progress on social media and participate  in ACW social media efforts to provide visibility for their project. If you are being featured in a social media campaign, please honor the volunteer who is serving you and go and comment and share and like. 

Termination of Services

Either Party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ACW shall determine if any funds are owed ACW or the artist  upon early termination of the project. Such owed funds must be paid immediately to ACW.

Complete the W-9. 


ACW  fully protects the privacy and confidentiality of the communications with its Artists. 


Limitation of Liability





State Law Governing Agreement

The law governing this Agreement and any action, matter or proceeding based on or relating to this Agreement shall be the law of the State of Minnesota.


Entire Agreement

This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and the Artist, and the Artist shall not be held responsible and shall remain blameless for any adverse or other consequences, including but not limited to financial, personal, employment or other losses, arising out of decisions or actions the Client may make as a result of the services provided by the Artist.


___________________________________________                  ________________________

Representative, ART TO CHANGE THE WORLD                               Date


___________________________________________                     _________________________

Artist                                                                                 Date