ACW Art4Good Event

ACW was honored to be featured at the Fundraiser  held at The Q.arma Building, Quarter Gallery. Thanks Jonathan!

Fascinating discussions and  fruitful connections for the future.  See who we are and join us!

THANK YOU to Herman Milligan for the ACW fundraiser: REFINEDr Art4Good toan initiative of The Fulton Group,LLC .  June 28, 2019

Artists included, Carly Beseman, Barbara Rogers Bridges, Anthony Calabrese, Remo Campopiano , Pat Carney, Teresa Cox, Paige Dansinger, Justine Di Fiore, Lyle Ferguson, Nathanael Flink, Greg Gossel, Christopher Harrison, Daniel Kerkhoff, Anne Kleinhenz , Candy Kuehn , Jay Larson, Kim Matthews, Layl McDill, Ann Meany, Melissa May Metzler, Brittany Omann, Kurt Schulz, Andrea Stanislav, Jill Stebbins, Frank Stone, Kellie Rae Theiss, Xavier Tavera, Susan Wagner, Christopher A. Williams, and Harold Zisla.


A great turnout to support us!
ACW member’s first show and first sale. ACW meets its mission!
Herman and ACW director, Barbara with Candy’s hat in the foreground
ACW members Anne and Ann
ACW super supporter Margo from the Northeaster
Patrica, Herman and Paul- new ACW supporter
Pat and Jennifer