Action Promises


How did this film and discussion move me to action?

Share this film with friends/family!

From Lexann Reischl   Help spread the word about this film!

From laylmcdill    Work towards incremental change.

From Diana Klisch    Tell others and invite to others to future events.

From Lynnette Black    I’d like to invite producers & director or someone be a part of my church’s Sunday Forums & Film Club with discussion on this movie. We do have a stipend to pay. Connect with me Lynnette Black

From nataliemcguire     Help education others on racism and it affects all of us.

From diane plath    Strong back, soft front, wild heart….brave heart

From Abby R (she/her) ^^ Brene Brown :]

From Glen Helgeson     I will continue to listen to others with an open mind on how white privilege prevails in our culture and what’s MY role in that.

From Barbara Bridges   Remember that white privilege is so embedded that strategies need to be found to gently  nudge people out of their silo thinking. 2 x 4 ‘s to the head never effect much positive change.

Care compassion authentic honesty

I’ve always had an open heart and open mind and have had POC within my circle of friends since I was 5 years old and aware of their many struggles, since GFloyd’s death, and also in this movie, I see more and more I’ve been blind to, either thru lack of education or lack of truly seeing. I will continue spreading love and understanding to all and continue my search for peace and equality for all.