Action Pledges

There were no emerging trends so I have shared your pledges as submitted.

Michael Keil

The food sovereignty speaks to me. As a fisherman, I hear so many white fisherman complains about netting on Mille Lacs and other lakes in Minnesota. The fight for healthy food continues.

  • Jane Leopold

Jane Leopold from Charlottesville VA.

  • Wendy Kafka

Thank you for having this. I have to leave.

  • Margo Ashmore

Share the knowledge with others

  • Peggy Flanagan


  • Layl McDill

Help connect artists

  • iPhone

Share my story

  • justinroberson

Show this film

  • Michael Keil

Teach, listen, Learn

  • David Swarthout

start a professional book club

  • Erin L

Support families

  • Penny Kagigebi

Tomorrow I am meeting with organizer for new undoing-racism group in Becker County MN

  • Kristine Martin, Mpls.

share film learn

  • Mary

speak out

  • Anton Treuer

T&R !

  • cliftonware

Write about it.

  • Barbara Bridges

Join the efforts to re-imagine the art at the capitol

  • Larry Long

Continue the work on a daily basis to restore the sovereign rights of our

  • Nyasa Henderson Meany

Read books, inform people, keep an open mind, vote

  • Robert Perez

lead a conversation at the college I work at

  • David O’Fallon

tell more people of film. send links. start conversations

  • Jen Cantine

Be an ally!

  • carriekloman

recommend this film to all

  • whiteka

continue providing native education within all the communities where my people/youth live.

  • Peggy Flanagan

be willing to have uncomfortable conversations

  • Lisa Krall

Learn more, vote, support

  • Patricia Rogers

share the messages through the film

  • Larry Long

First Nation brothers and sisters

  • Ric Berkholtz 

Learn, watch, listen, educate, and vote

  • Max Gail

whatever I can

  • Barbara Bridges

Challenge people to face their own beliefs!

  • Patricia Rogers

Do Plans and Actions, not just kind thoughts and prayers or good intentions. Thx, Anton.

  • Peggy Flanagan

Love that – not random acts of equity. Keep pushing yourself.

  • Jen Cantine

I am learning! I am changing my three word action to take from “Be an ally” to “Be an accomplice!” Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, insights, history.

  • Barbara Bridges

Ask questions. More questions. Push until they realize they do not have an answer.

  • Mary0

People need to allow themselves to have boundaries and then address it when someone crosses those lines. I continually encourage my friends to say something. If someone makes a comment that is harmful to you or someone you love say something, its not enough to disagree you have to be willing to call people out at the risk of upsetting someone or even being the odd man out.

  • Barbara Bridges

and… VOTE!!!