About The Real Story and the Satin of Knowingness

Art to Change the World will be screening The Real Story on October 7 from 6:30-8:00  with Erik Helgeson/Tim Benjamin/ Madelynne Engle The screening is part of a two week event called See. Say. DO at  Squirrel Haus Arts 3450 Snelling Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406. The Real Story supports artist Madelynne Engle’s  installation The Satin of Knowingness which explores  the Truth and Resilience  of the differently-abled.  The Real Story explores the evolution of and biases in media coverage of disability issues in Minnesota and nation-wide. This documentary was produced by Tim Benjamin from Access Press, Minnesota’s disability community news source.

Tim Benjamin is the founder of Access Press which was established in 1990 to inform the disability community about topics of concern to us and to provide accurate information about disability issues to the general public. We exist to be a catalyst for discussion of critical issues facing the community and to bring together the diverse voices of the community to promote equal access for people with disabilities in all areas of life.

Access Press is one of only six newspapers of its kind in the United States. Most of the articles they publish cannot be found in any other newspaper. Either coverage is nonexistent, or it is not from the perspective of people with disabilities. Access Press provides a critical resource unavailable anywhere else.
Access Press has been Minnesota’s source of news, information and resources for people with disabilities (physical, sensory and cognitive). In addition, it is the only statewide publication in Minnesota where policy makers, service providers and the general public can find information from the perspective of people with disabilities about a wide range of current topics.
Madelynne Engle  is a philosopher and storyteller whose chosen medium is visual arts in its many manifestations. With a lifetime of awards and commissions, she is known best for her conceptual sculpture and allegorical life portraits. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections from France to New Zealand, from New York to Italy.

Erik Helgeson,  a long time survivor of Muscular Dystrophy,  has a particular interest in serving military veterans who are returning home with amputations, PTSD, housing needs, etc. Erik reports that the Minneapolis area is sorely lacking even in some of the basics: ramps, lifts, vans and transportation for physical therapy, even simple needs like snow removal from walkways in the winter. He would like to be part of the solution.  

Do you, or someone you know, need a wheelchair? Gently used with a new retail value of $5,000.

You or your advocate should write the most creative, insightful statement of need. Submit to info@arttochangetheworld.org.

Award will be made on 10/7  at 8:00  by  Eric Jon Helgeson/Tim Benjamin/ Madelynne Engle after the screening  of the film The Real Story  FREE
Squirrel Haus Arts, 
3450 Snelling Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

More details: https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/power-wheelchair-giveaway/