2022 Summer Party Pictures and Videos

ACW’s Summer Party! July 20th. 5 Year Anniversary! Wood fired pizza party at Layl’s.

ACW’s Longevity of Influence Award (Lifetime Achievement Award) was presented to George Roberts!

All Active ACW members were invited to attend. Musicians performing included: Greg Volker, Matt Yetter, Ngange Akale, Walter Chancellor Jr.,  Charlie Henrikson.


Barbara demonstrating how to dance The Pony    https://youtube.com/shorts/VbcFq2G2czs?feature=share

Crowd   1  https://youtu.be/l6LFCdlykt0

Crowd 2  https://youtu.be/9RIbv7_KPGU

Frances Dancing  https://youtu.be/vYOQJVP2a0Y

Madalina doing Henna   https://youtu.be/umup6VhdgRs

Matt Playing   https://www.youtube.com/shorts/erGzMxV7Q8M

Walter Playing   https://youtu.be/KSYu4p1ixzs