By Kelly Frankenberg

Barbara also wins for “butts in seats!”

Many of our wonderful supporting members showed up to celebrate our leader and visionary, ACW Director Barbara Bridges, for her vision award from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Thanks to those members for supporting our leader and our organization and showing everyone that we can not only show up, but by supporting our director and other members, we can really change the world. Barbara’s speech reminded us that we aren’t in this for ourselves, but we are in this collective of creatives because we share the same vision of getting artists paid and creating art for positive social change, all while creating community and bringing all our unique voices to the table to be heard. And that includes everyone, not just the “ruling elite.”

Please remember as ACW members and members of the greater community that we need to show up for artists at shows and events and artists will show up for you.

ACW personally thanks those that attended the awards.   Becca, Ngange, Sally, Layl, Anne, Deb, Katie, Marie, Sandy, Frances, Lin, Rose, Walter, Remo, Herman, Daphne, Kelly, Margo, Seth, Elizabeth, Greg, Candy, Craig, Anna, Owen, Denny!

From Barbara: Shout out and thank you to Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, but especially to Josh Blanc, for over and above service to the Vision Awards. The entire event was just delightful. I met the most amazing people and ACW earned a mention for “most butts in seats”. Thanks to Nick at Rogue Buddha for the usual lovely party. I was startled to receive a special commemorative tile created by Josh, and with my name inscribed, when I left the stage. Sometimes we forget that the administrative types who lead our arts organizations are also artists. If you would like to read my little speech, click here: