How to Submit a Work

You must be a member of ACW and adopt a work from  a SWAP artist before you list your works. 

Send your  copy to  Nina Robinson

Example of how to send Nina the art for SWAP.  Please have mercy on her.  This project is fiercely time consuming. ONE email please!   Thanks so much.

Sara Hanson
“Orbital Debris”
(table top)

Orbital Debris   Sara Hanson
75.00 – 150.00
Contact Sara Hanson
Choose from one-of-a-kind sand mold castings of various colors, sizes and shapes in aluminum, iron and bronze.  Orbital Debris is a collection of disintegrated and transformed fragments from the earth’s atmosphere and specimens of the deep sea – spherical remnants of heat, time and space that offer observations of chance and potential of origin and life.