Define Crazy 2 Barbara Bridges



Define Crazy 2
Mixed media  12″ T X 14″ W X 2 ” D

A general search for a definition for the word “crazy” delivers “ridiculous, absurd, foolish, idiotic, ill-conceived, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous, senseless.”

These terms do not describe Steve Jobs.

Why do you suppose Steve used this word in his famous quote? Was he often called crazy?  He is famous for not wearing shoes, getting a new car every 6 months so he did not have to display a license plate, firing people without notice, refusing to take a shower and, regrettably, cancer treatment.

It has been speculated that Jobs may have been autistic (along with Bill Gates and Albert Einstein). Other mental illness have also been floated to explain his behavior. I have always disliked the terminology “suffering from a mental illness”.  Where is the line between Genius and Madness? Do geniuses “suffer”  because they Think Different?

Perhaps we should celebrate Jobs craziness since it has allowed us to carry most human knowledge in our pocket.

I propose we call our geniuses aneurotypicals and the next time someone uses the word crazy in a pejorative way in front of you, ask them to  “Define Crazy”.


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