Blues and Trouble by Scotty and Rosanne


We are gypsies–musicians, artists and activists. Scotty was burned in the Vietnam war and writes and sings his heartfelt blues. Scotty on guitar and harmonica; Rosanne on percussion. We have recently become involved with an organization,  Scotty and Rosanne




Some Other Day

“Yellow ribbon stickers plastered on cars, you see them everywhere. Red white and blue, support our troops to show them you really care but don’t show the body bags maimed or wounded that’ll never do we’re rough and tough we always win and God has blessed us too, but when the troops come home, support’s not there, the VA took a cut in pay. That money went to the rich in last year’s tax break, you must come back Some Other Day.”

“What proof have I, how do I know how its so hard to get in the door cuz I’ve stood in the lines, seen the poor twisted lives of the troops that were in the last war These bastards are evil, they don’t give a damn about who they send off the war. They lie through their teeth, it’s for freedom you fight, but we’ve heard all that jive before.”

Eight Days Of Hell

“It’s been so long since that happened, I never can forget who’s to blame for my bad fortune, some politician you can bet. Eight days of Hell still call me like they went down just yesterday. Scars are going to last forever and the pain won’t go away. Got burned in a big explosion, just turned 21 that day, in a war I never wanted, just a kid that lost his way. 8 days of hell still call me in that hospital so far from home, the smell of death all around me made me feel so all alone. They  shipped us to Japan, Saigon clinic needed the beds. I guess dumb luck is why I made it cuz my two buddies are sure enough dead. 8 days of Hell still call me etched forever in my mind, try to forget with drugs and liquor, should have known it was a waste of time.”


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