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We need your help to Change the World by supporting the See. Say DO. event.

About Art to Change the World

Art to Change the World (ACW) is a diverse coalition of artists, educators, scientists, topic experts and other change makers who have joined forces in service of positive social change. We are employing the arts, education, audience engagement and organizational partnerships to provoke discussion, reflection and action, and to nurture an emphatic, socially-aware and action-oriented community. To that end, twenty established and emerging artists – local, national and international – have come together to create art around critical issues that they are passionate about – in the hopes of affecting real change.

Our Values:  Creativity, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Effectiveness

The fundraising breakdown for See. Say. DO is laid out below to give transparency towards what your donations supports. The largest amount needed ($3,500) is to help compensate the artists involved in See. Say. DO. We have 6 artists supported but as a new non-profit we do not yet have the capacity to attain full support from grants so we are asking for help in supporting the artists and art involved in See. Say. DO. Many people do not realize that artists, especially visual artists, generally lose money when they are in an exhibition which we are hoping to change. Most of the events have forgone charging admission fees in order to remain inclusive and accessible to all. ACW’s mission is to help provide sustainable opportunities for artists but we will not be able to do that without your help. If we do not pay our artists- then there will be no artists.  Any amount helps!

Details on See. Say. DO event:

Details: Art to Change the World GiveMN Fundraiser

See. Say. DO 

The purpose of our events and exhibitions is to invoke positive discussion, reflection and action and to nurture an emphatic, socially-aware and action-oriented community. ACW will host a two-week event with an exhibition, performances and workshops around the theme of See. Say. DO from Oct. 4-14, 2018.

Twenty established and emerging artists and their topic expert team members are creating social and environmental justice works, transforming the cutting-edge art space Squirrel Haus Arts in South Minneapolis into an inviting and magical universe which draws the visitor into a thought provoking, interactive journey with the intent of inspiring action in our community.

Each artist will learn from a “topic experts ” as they develop their art, performances and workshops.

The artists are working on the follow topics:

Race, Identity & Historical Trauma: Truth, Healing & Reconciliation – An opportunity to heal the wounds & grow community

  • Black/Brown Youth Rights & Justice – a Compassionate Conversation with Law Enforcement
  • Body/Image & the Mirror of Distortion: Creating the Self in the Age of Social Media – A “talk back” performance of choreography, spoken word and classical violin.
  • Addiction/Recovery: Joyful & Practical Solutions to Compulsive Behavior

Find out more about the different topics and projects at

Fundraising Goal: $10,000
This supports:
$ 3,500 for artist compensation
$ 1,500 for technical support and marketing
$600  Take Action Pop-Up Performers
$ 2,800 for Squirrel Haus venue rental
$ 1,600  Dodging Bullets Film Screening and Historical Trauma Discussion led by Anton Treuer

We also require costs to help with renting the space for ten days in order to provide the best possible programing. Our final costs will assist in technical support such as lighting, projections, and the marketing involved in this event.

Featured Events during See. Say. DO from October-4-14, 2018 at Squirrel Haus Arts

Oct 4 Thursday
8-9:30   Ricci -Borealis Dance Co. Threads of My Cloth  $10.00  Reservations

Oct 5 Friday
* 5:30-7:30  Friends of ACW Fundraiser  Includes Threads   $75   Reservations
* 8-9:30  Ricci -Borealis Dance Co. –Threads of My Cloth $10.00   Reservations

Oct 6 Saturday
* 10-12:00    Gilbert – Water: Beauty in Peril workshop  Max 10.  $5     Reservations
*  1-4:00  Corser –Fish Tales & Climate  workshop  Max 15 $5   Reservations
*  7-10:00  Public Opening:   FREE  Donations Welcome. No Reservations Needed.

Oct 7 Sunday
* 11-1:00  Kuehn –The Physics of Turbulence  workshop  Max 15. $5     Reservations
1-5:00   FE Love – Compassionate Conversations   Max 15  $5  Reservations

6:30-8:00    Erik Helgeson/Tim Benjamin/ Madelynne Engle Film The Real Story & Satin of Knowingness   Pay What You Can $0-$25 Power Wheel Chair Give Away       Reservations

Oct 8 Monday
* 10-1:00  FE Love – Compassionate Conversations  $5  Invite Only  Read More
*  5:30-7:30   Non-profit Networking   FREE   Reservations

Oct 9 Tuesday
* 6:30-7:30  Bianchi / Ricci –Body Image   Pay What You Can $0-25   Reservations
8-9:30 Laura Mann Hill – Race/Identity    Pay What You Can $0-25      Reservations

Oct 10 Wednesday
  * 6-9:30  Waterhouse Bill Doherty  Opposite (of) Sex Workshop Invitation Only
*  7-9:00 Richter/ Fisher Mother of All Confessions Pay What You Can $0-25   Reservations

Oct 11  Thursday 7-9:00 Harris- SenseAbility     (CTSD)  $10.00   Reservations
Oct 12  Friday 7-9:00 Harris- SenseAbility     (CTSD)  $10.00   Reservations

Oct 13 Saturday
* 10-12:00    Barb Kobe Endangered Feelings  Max 15 $5    Reservations
1-5:00    Wesley May – Identity Workshop  $5  Max 15   Reservations
 * 5-6:30    Busting Down the Silos.  Truth, Healing and Reconciliation with  Anton Treuer, Wesley May, Sarah Edstrom, Michael Goze, Jim Randall, Herman Milligan, members from the Hmong community and YOU! Pay What You Can $0- 25   Reservations

7-10:00   Dodging Bullets – Film   Pay What You Can $0-25    Reservations

Oct 14 Sunday
* 11-1:00 McDill Persuasive Technologies  Workshop  Max 15 $5   Reservations
1:00-3:00 Bridges – Recovery  Workshop  Max 15  $5    Reservations
* 7-10:00  Take Action Pop-Up Performance Night  Pay What You Can $0-25     Reservations

9 unique workshops available to the public
Pre and Post-Performance Discussions for multiple events

Open Gallery and exhibition featuring multiple artists

Featured Artists:

Grace Bianchi, Barbara Bridges, Kira Corser, Madelynne Engle, Maris Gilbert, Craig Harris, Laura Hill, Anne Kleinhenz, Barb Kobe, Candy Kuehn, Felecia Lenee -FE, Wesley May, Nikki McComb, Layl McDill, Rebecca Ratzlaff, Kate Renee, Danielle Ricci, Shira Richter, Barry Scanlan, Jill Waterhouse, and 10 emerging artists featured in Take Action.

For a full list of programming visit:

For ticketed events, tickets can be purchased on the website or at the door. However, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds and most events are Pay-What-You-Can and open to the public.

The exhibition and all events will take place at:

Squirrel Haus Arts
3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone:  (612) 669-8712
ADA  Accessibility: The building is handicap accessible w/handicap parking and entrance in the back of the building; On street parking is also available for visitors.